About Us


We’re gearheads & we love this game.

After cycling countless putters in and out of our bags in pursuit of the perfect putter we realized there was a problem. Today’s top putters are either too distracting, made from subpar materials, or just way too expensive.

So we thought - let’s go make our own.

What started as a creative experiment in design turned into a quest to make a better putter a reality. And after a few putts with our prototype, we quickly realized that we needed to share this with other people.

MAKER is about more than premium putters.

MAKER was founded on the premise of being unsatisfied. It’s about creating something from nothing. It’s about forging your own path when the other does not feel right. It’s about asking why not and trusting your instincts to find a new solution.

When we say Be A MAKER, it’s this spirit we evoke. Be confident in who you are and what you do. And if you can’t find what you want? Go make it.